Friday, 23 December 2016

To what am I called? Being and/or doing

Following my last post I looked out this piece which I wrote when dealing with training for ministry and a depressive breakdown. I had gone to a weekend gathering reflecting on being in church and how those with impairment are a gift and not merely recipients of ministry.

This was my reflection on calling - to be or to do?


To what am I called?
    Called to be a minister
    Not to do ministry - though I will
In a hectic, speeding, work hard, play hard world
Called to be the stillness
To show another rhythm
Making God spaces.

To what am I called?
    Called to be a disciple
    Not to do churchy stuff - though I will
In a world that wants all the answers and wants them now
Called to be on a journey
Following and learning
Step by step

To what am I called?
    Called to be - simply be
    I am not what I do - though I do much.
Whatever the world may expect or demand of me
Called to be who I am
In weakness and strength
In giving and receiving
I am God’s

H Roberts, May 2008,
‘Uncomfortable Presence’ conference on impairment in church life,

Sarum college, Salisbury

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